History of the Wiremill Water Ski Club
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The history of the Wire Mill, going back many hundreds of years,
is told by a storyboard in the Wire Mill Inn bar area.
Water Skiing at the lake has been taking place for about thirty years.

The Water Skiing at Wiremill Lake started in the late sixties when
the lake and pub were together owned as Wiremill Country Club.
Some of the Country Club members with the owner, started leisure
skiing on the lake behind a Delta boat. The lake was much smaller
and had reeded up over the years. The current car park area was
later filled in and much of the water area recovered in the early
seventies and a four buoy slalom course installed, to enable the
skiers to develop their slalom skiing.

As the skiing interests developed the boat shed was rebuilt with
changing rooms and a Jump ramp constructed by the Members.

During the mid-seventies the club became more formal with a
core membership of about 25 members who pooled resources
and finances to rebuild the jump ramp to tournament standard
in 1975, along with extending the slalom course to six buoys
from the original four.

 In the late seventies the Country Club became a Free House
and the lake usage continued as a separate entity run by the
Water Ski Club and also used by the angling club. As skiing
became more competitive, with interclub competitions, the
members required more powerful boats and ‘a boat owing
fraternity’ developed with Moonfleets and Boesch boats.

In 1979 the Club was taken over by a number of the members,
and more powerful boats were required to maintain competitive
abilities. A MasterCraft was therefore purchased by the newly
formed club and over the next couple of years members’ boats
were phased out in favour of supporting the club MasterCraft.

 Through the eighties the Membership grew to about 35, the
Jump ramp was rebuilt to be adjustable from 4-6ft, the Lake
was further cleared of reeds and silt and a two-way eight buoy
slalom course installed in the late eighties. The lake required
reinforcing as it was originally a dammed lake providing water
for the  Mill Wheel, and considerable earthworks were
undertaken and the weir rebuilt to comply with the Reservoir Act.

 In the early nineties skiing declined during the tough economic
climate and then over the past few years the membership has
grown to around fifty with much more mixed skiing activity including
Slalom, Tricking, Jumping, Kneeboarding and Wakeboarding.
The club amenities have now been further improved to include
a clubroom for members and guests, plus a larger fenced off lawn,
with Barbecue and picnic tables.

In Spring 2000, full video jump measurement facilities were installed,
allowing operation from the lakeside, or in the shelter of the Clubroom.

A new  Ski Nautique Tournament Boat was purchased in March 2000.

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